"We came to Josh with a small nest egg and zero knowledge of what to do with it. We wanted a roadmap, a plan, to ensure our money would keep working for us and that we would be able to retire at our current standard of living. Josh took us under his wing, analyzed the scattered investments we’d already made, explained our options in easy to understand terms, and gave us a solid plan. He follows up with us ensuring we don’t just ignore our finances (so easy to let time pass without noticing!) and he advises when we have some extra money to add to the mix. He is knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, and professional. He makes the sometimes arduous task of financial planning feel like a talk with a good friend. We are thrilled we met him and look forward to many more years together!"

- Amie & Jesse Reiherzer



"When I graduated from Albright College in 2001 with a Biology degree, I knew how important it was to invest early so I could secure a financial future for myself and my eventual family.  Well, 20 years later with a family and continuing to work in the biotech sector, Josh has been there every step of the way for us.  Since the beginning, retiring earlier than a "traditional" age has always been a goal of ours.  Josh has turned that "lofty" goal into a reality for our family.  One of the reasons I use Josh is when I call him I know Josh will pick up the phone and answer my question.  Most importantly, Josh is not that financial advisor to push "products" he is one that offers strategies that are well thought out.   Most importantly, our family gets that individualized attention that you deserve and that you won't get anywhere else."

- Dom & Amy Reigle



"Josh Tirado has been our financial planner since 2014. He has taken our lump sum pension buy-out, IRAs, and our stock vestings and structured a solid investment strategy that continues to grow our assets while assuring us a reliable retirement income. 

Josh has remained personally involved in our investment plans.  We meet in person several times a year (replaced by Zoom calls during COVID) and by phone and email as the needs arise.  We have dealt with the investment aspects of many of life’s activities, including home purchases, sales, and refinancing; social security benefits commencement; changing levels of income; and Steven’s retirement in 2020.  Through it all, our portfolio has been growing nicely as Josh provides us with various investment vehicles – mutual funds tailored to our risk/reward profiles, annuities, long-term care insurance, and alternative investments – that we would never, never, never have found or had access to on our own. Our retirement is financially secure and our estate is in solid shape for passing on to our children.

Josh has guided us with sound financial planning advice at a very reasonable cost that is far outweighed by the value he provides. He always listens to our questions and concerns (including to our more off-the-wall ideas), explains the financial aspects of various investment options in terms we can easily follow, and has worked diligently to build a sound financial plan that meets our evolving needs. This has certainly played out consistently over the last eight years, and we are confident it will continue in the years ahead. We would whole-heartedly recommend Josh to anyone looking for a long-term financial planner to help them with their financial planning needs today and their future retirement goals, regardless of what stage of life they are currently in (but the earlier, the better!)."

- Dorothy and Steven Battaglia



"We first met Josh in 2008 when the market was down and our financial planner went into hiding!  We needed a planner who would conscientious about keeping us informed, regardless of market performance.  We also wanted a planner whose fee model wasn’t based on sales made or churn; but on professional advice and guidance.

Thirteen years later as we are now tapping into our retirement funds, we are very pleased with the guidance and attention that Josh has provided to us.  In fact, we have shared his name with a number of friends who are now his clients as well.  For those reading these comments, you will be pleased at the performance and service of your portfolio under Josh’s guidance."

- Sally & Mark Handlon



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